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Z300-4bar or Z301-5bar Collapsible Bale Feeder

*Z300 - 4 bar design (shown below)

Bale Feeder - 4 bar design

*Z301 - 5 bar design (shown below)

Bale Feeder - 5 bar design

Z303-5S Creep Feeder

12 bushel creep feeder


Z303-5D-5' Double Sided Feeder


Z303-8D 8' Double Sided Feeder



Z302 Fenceline Feeder


Z309 Small Square Bale Feeder With Trough


Z310 Hanging Hay Basket

Fenceline Feeder



Z311 Upright Square Bale Feeder


Z315 Metal Feed Trough



Z320 Mineral Feeder

Mineral Feeder


Z321 Large Mineral Feeder


Z325-(8') 8' Feed Panel


Z330 Chopped Hay Feeder